5 Ways to Grow Your International Fan Base

by | Sep 14, 2022 | Artist Resources

5 Ways to Grow Your International Fan Base



Trying to grow an international fan base is becoming crucial by the day. With all the technological advancements today, there is literally no limitation on where your fans come from.

Because of this, many artists have earned fans abroad even in places they’ve never been to.

So how do you do that?

In this post, you’re going to learn 5 ways you can grow your international fan base for your music business.


How to Grow Your International Fan Base


#1: Brand yourself

This should be a pre-requisite for any promotional or marketing campaign you do. Even if you were not trying to get an international fan base, branding is key in the music business.

Most people perceive branding as having a logo and having that logo patched on swag. But it goes way beyond that. It reflects your overall identity. This includes your personality, your values, your style, and your music too.

As you brand yourself, make sure to be yourself. Find a compelling message about why you do what you do. Communicating why you do what you do helps to create a deeper connection with your fans.

#2: Have an active online presence

The easiest and cheapest way to connect with people internationally is through the internet. So you want to set up your website and social channels and be active on them.

For example, you can have weekly or daily blog posts about activities connected to your career or business.  

Go live on video platforms and engage with fans’ posts. This helps people to discover you from any corner of the globe.

#3: Get your music on playlists

One incredible way to get international listenership is to add your tracks to Spotify playlists. There are thousands of playlist curators out there looking to add new music to their playlists.

We made a blog post about how to pitch your songs to playlist curators

– we believe you’ll find it helpful.

#4: Collaborate with musicians from other countries

Collaborating with other artists is a proven way to tap into new audiences. When you collaborate, you’re basically presenting yourself to the fans of the other artist. And usually, all parties benefit from this.

In the long run, this creates opportunities for international gigs.

Websites like Kompoz, Procollabs, and SoundBetter, are some of the few places to start your search for potential collaborators.

#5: Advertise globally

Now, this might not be for everyone but if your marketing budget allows, advertise your music to a global audience. Almost all online advertising platforms allow you to target ads by country.

While you can advertise your audio and lyric video, it’s important to note that the best ads you can run are official music videos. And YouTube ads are the best place to start from. Your budget will dictate how much reach you get from the ads.



These are the 5 ways to grow your international fan base. If you don’t have a team, doing everything concurrently can be a pain in the neck. Pick one activity at a time so that you remain consistent.

If you have any questions or suggestions about growing an international fan base, please reach out to us and we’ll do our best to answer you or include your suggestion into this blog.