How to Pitch Your Songs to Playlist Curators

by | Aug 28, 2022 | Artist Resources, Music Distribution, Music Marketing

Music streaming has become a crucial part of the music industry. And any artist passionate enough to grow their fan base knows that getting songs on playlists is one effective way to achieve this.

This is more like sales. If you love sales, you will enjoy pitching songs but we all know as creators, the fun part of the business is creating the music itself.

With that said, this post is to help you learn exactly how to pitch your songs to playlist curators without all the guesswork and save your precious time.

But first,

Why do you Really Need to Get Your Songs on Playlists?

The whole idea of playlists is to help artists to find audiences online. Look at it more like matching your music to the right audience that would like to listen to your kind of music.

This gives you an opportunity to be exposed to thousands if not millions of listeners especially if your music is featured on a playlist that is hugely followed.

Playlists level the playground for all artists regardless of how popular they are. As long as your music is good and a curator adds it to their list, it doesn’t matter if you are established or are an upcoming artist –you all get the same exposure.

How to Find and Contact Playlist Curators

The easiest way to find playlist curators is through playlists. Most playlist owners that accept pitches will always mention the most convenient way to contact them in the playlist description.

In some cases, they provide forms that you can fill out to make a submission. If none of these is available, then you’ve got to make direct contact with them. The good thing is most curators will connect their social accounts, and websites to their profiles.

Here are 3 ways to contact playlist curators

#1. Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

There are high chances that a curator will have at least one of these social accounts connected to their account. Reach out to them directly. Note that all social media platforms have messaging limits. So don’t just send tens of messages at once, otherwise, you risk your account being flagged for spamming.

#2. Website contact form

If the curator has a website, then this is a sure way to get your pitch in their inbox. Since they might be getting emails about different things through the form, just make sure to write the name of the playlist in the subject or in the first line of your message.

#3. Email

This should be your last option unless a curator specifically wants it. Unlike contact forms, the chances of your emails going straight to the spam folder are high. Not many people check their spam folder so the possibility of your pitch never getting seen is high.

Writing Tips When Pitching a Song to a Playlist Curator

  •         Personalize the message. Most people will ignore generic messages. So put an effort to address the curator by name whenever possible. Also, be yourself and honest about what you need.
  •         Be brief and concise. Don’t write an essay. Make your text brief, and let it be straight to the point. Anywhere between 50 – 70 words should be perfect.


Pitching your songs to playlist curators is a numbers game. The more playlist owners you get in contact with, the more chances you have in getting your songs featured in multiple playlists.

If you have any questions about pitching your songs to playlist curators, please drop them below.