5 Reasons Artists Should Sign Up with DistroBuddy for Music Distribution

by | Aug 24, 2022 | Music Marketing, Artist Resources

There is no doubt that the music industry has changed over the years. CD sales are at an all-time low and digital revenues keep soaring. It is estimated over 60% of music revenues are now through digital sources.

To get a piece of that cake, you have to get your music on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, and much more.


That’s where DistroBuddy comes in.

DistroBuddy offers music distribution services to hundreds of music artists around the globe.

Here Are Some Of The Reasons Why You Should Use DistroBuddy For Your Music Distribution

1 – Distribute your music to over 150 music hosting platforms

With DistroBuddy’s music distribution service, you instantly have an opportunity to be in front of millions of online listeners worldwide across multiple platforms including Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Apple Music, Instagram, TikTok and so many more. This increases your visibility and earns you more fans and royalties.

2 – It’s affordable and easy to get started

DistroBuddy is one of the cheapest music distribution services on the market. For only $10 per year, you get to upload up to 25 tracks per release and distribute unlimited releases to various streaming and social media platforms. Once your release goes live, you get a SmartLink. You also get 24/7 dedicated support so that you’re never stranded.

3 – Transparent dashboard

You have no icky feelings about how your music could be performing because DistroBuddy offers a transparent dashboard that lets you have insights and analytics of the performance of your music in real-time.

Additionally, your earnings are instantly credited to your DistroWallet when streaming providers make payments.

4 – Free YouTube Content ID

A YouTube Content ID is only given to content owners that have 100% copyright of their content and must meet a set of specific criteria to be eligible.

A content ID helps you to find unauthorized uploads of your content. You can then choose to block the content or monetize and earn from it.

Once you are verified by DistroBuddy, you are eligible for a YouTube Content ID at no extra cost.

5 – Artist keeps 90% of royalties and artists can withdraw royalties in advance

When you distribute your music through DistroBuddy, you have 100% copyright of your tracks. Unlike most distributors that take a good chunk out of your royalties, you get to walk away with 90% of the royalties –DistroBuddy only takes 10%.

You can withdraw your royalties in any currency of your choice through your local bank account, Payoneer, or PayPal. For collaborators, there is an automatic payment split.

Lastly, DistroBuddy allows eligible artists to withdraw their royalties through the DISTROadvance service. DISTROadvance is a service that allows eligible artists to access part of their future streaming royalties to help fund their projects. If you ever find yourself stuck and need some extra funding to take care of travel, marketing, or studio expenses, take advantage of DISTROadvance.


There are tens of other reasons why DistroBuddy is your number one pick when it comes to online music promotions and distribution but these five top the list.

I hope this post helps you Get Started on DistroBuddy.

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