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Music Artwork Design, Professional Audio Mastering, Voice Overs, & Free Web Designing

Music Artwork

1. Album/Song Cover Art Design

Your Very Own Design

Are you ready to release your album or song but lack cover art? Allow our skilled graphic designers to produce original cover art for you so you can focus on what you do best: developing your craft, while we bring your vision to life in your own distinct style.

Deciding If This Is Right For You

Having artistic input and quality artwork that personifies your music is crucial to having a successful release.
The image you give your music often reflects your message and sense of style, and it also has an impact on how many people discover it. Even though your music will be the ultimate representation of you as a musician, it must include a visual component.

Artwork Requiremements
  • Clear in resolution (not blurry) – preferably 300 dpi
  • 3000 x 3000 pixels in size, perfectly square
  • If you wish to include text on the artwork it can include; the name of the release, AND/OR the name of the artist. The text MUST match the release title.
  • Artwork must not contain website addresses or social media links.
  • File size must be no larger than 10Mb.

We inluded the artwork requiremements just incase you want to use your own graphic designer.


Our pricing for this service costs $15, and is inclusive of 1 revision.

If you have any further unanswered questions please consider sending us a message, We will be very glad to answer you.

Place your order for a unique cover art design that helps to spread your music all over the world!

Music Release Cover Art.
Professional Audio Mastering

Audio Mixing and Mastering

2. Professional Audio Mastering

The Art of Audio Mastering

Getting your music to the best possible listening quality requires the use of top-notch soft- and hardware, as well as an ideal listening environment, but most importantly is the experience of a mixing & mastering engineer who understands what you need, follows intuition, and knows what he’s doing.

Deciding If This Is Right For You

This is the gig that will make your songs sound Radio and Streaming Ready allowing them to compete with the industry’s mainstream songs.

We work with incredible producers and sound enginners who are individually skilled at a particular set of song genres in order to deliver the best possible outcome for our clients.

What To Expect

Mixing and Mastering Gig Provides:

  • High-quality compression (Also includes analog gear)
  • EQ (Also includes analog gear)
  • Level balancing
  • Multiband compression
  • Stereo panning
  • Saturation
  • Vocal clean up (noise reduction, eliminating mouth-clicks and breaths)
  • Special effects such as delays, reverbs, pitch-shifting, and more.
  • Writing automation (volume, reverb/delay sends, etc.)
  • Autotune or pitch correction (if needed)
  • Optimized Radio and Streaming High Quality Master

– Revisions

– Up to 20 audio stems Mix/Mastered (for every additional stem there will be a $5 charge).

– Up to 30 minutes of Audio Mix/Mastered

– Delivery Time (3 days)

Pricing and How To Send Us The Stems

Our pricing for this service costs $80

What we need to get started: 

  • Please create stems by rendering all active audio tracks separately to the same length. 24-bit .wav files prefered. Make sure dither is turned on. You can put these files in a folder and compress them into an archive. Upload the archive to WeTransfer / GoogleDrive/ DropBox, and add the link to the information tab during checkout!
  • If available, a demo mix for reference

Reach out to discuss your project and let’s enhance your music with the clarity, sweetness, and punch that it deserves.


Voice Overs 

3. Professional Male/Female Voice Overs

The Voicing Team

Our Team consists of talented and passionate Individuals including Radio Personalities with charismatic voices that bring forward the message and character in a clear, entertaining, and artistic way. 

Deciding If This Is Right For You

We all know how irritating it is to listen to boring commercials and other types of voiceovers performed by inexperienced voice actors, regardless of the message; therefore, to ensure that your message stands out, captivates, and remains relevant for longer periods of time, you must ensure that your voicings are performed by experienced voice actors.

What To Expect

We believe in “creation with quality and originality”, which results into unique designs that you will love. Lets help you create a masterpiece that will capture the audience’s attention by all means.


Our Pricing for this service costs $100 for each minute

Please provide us with the Script for your project in the extra information area during checkout.

If you don’t have a ready script, we will charge an extra $50 and draft it for you and all you have to do is send us a message with the details and gender of the preffered voicer and we will send back the script for review before initiating the recording process.

Radio Personality

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