About DistroBuddy

DistroBuddy is a content delivery and rights management platform servicing musicians worldwide with an affordable and efficient music distribution experience, relevant resources and expert advice to help them advance in their music career.

We believe it is imperative for every musician in this age to establish a profitable online presence by creating strategic marketing plans and making sure fans have easy access to your content while enabling them to support you as your career develops.

Streaming and digital sales have become the most popular medium for entertainment lovers to consume music and videos while systematically rewarding the content creator(s).

It’s the awesomeness and simplicity it fosters in the way fans access your content from their preferred store, wherever, and whenever they want, resulting in personalised entertainment on the one hand and incredible opportunities on the other.

DistroBuddy provides you the services you need to make your music easily accessible across social media and various streaming platforms worldwide, track, and collect your royalty payments every month so you can start putting money back into your wallet.

Live, Create, and Inspire.

Keep 100% of your copyright

As You Discover and Maximize The Possibilities Your Music Holds In The Digital Space.

Partner Program for Music Producers and Artist Managers.

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Fast Delivery and Artist Support.

Once you have uploaded your music using the convenient web uploader, it goes into the pending stage where we check the metadata for any errors and also have a listen to determine if your music meets the required Music Store Quality Standards before delivering it over to them. If any errors are discovered we will contact you as soon as possible with a soloution guide so that the release can be cleared out and sent to Music Stores as planned.

Free UPC and ISRC Codes.

No extra charges on UPC or ISRC codes for your new releases, We assign each of your tracks during upload with a unique UPC and ISRC Code free of charge before delivering it to Music Stores. If you plan on releasing any tracks with us that have already been released through a different distributor, please make sure to upload your tracks using the same ISRC Code you were provided with for each particular track in order to synchronize your streaming data across the different music stores.

Free Playlisting, Social Media and Onsite Features.

We’re music fanatics and currently curating a wide range of active playlists across major streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and Deezer. This’s another priority reason why we listen to each and every submission sent our way so we can confidently pitch our artist’s music to our expanding list of playlist curators as well as place your music in some of our own playlists, social media posts and onsite blog features.

Automatic Payment Splits.

Artists will be able to access a Payment Split feature easily found on their dashboard. The Payment Splits feature allows multiple song collaborators to receive a split percentage of royalty payouts on a release directly to their wallet.

Payment Splits is a powerful tool for artists, managers and labels to cut down on costly accounting time and ensure all parties get their share of royalties.

This feature is integrated with every current and new DistroBuddy Artist account and is free for you to access. It is also FREE for collaborators to sign up to our store to receive their royalty splits.

You will be able to add or remove unlimited collaborators and change split percentages at any time. Splits also make it possible for artists to view the history of their royalty splits over time, so that if any changes are made, they have a record of all previous percentage designations.

Take advantage of an Intuitive and informative Artist Dashboard or personal office as you excel in your music career.

Improved Royalties Dashboard.

We’re excited to present you with an improved royalties dashboard, giving you more transparency and understanding when it comes to how royalties are calculated.

In the dashboard you will also be able to see a split shares history table and have the ability to update future royalties if split shares change over time. The new dashboard gives a huge level of detail and transparency.

Artist Analytics

Your Artist Analytics tab is available in the artist dashboard! This is a significant feature that brings multiple DSPs data to your dashboard on a daily basis. With this advanced feature you can access a wealth of data and insights that will help you better understand the performance of your music so you can make more informed decisions.

Spotify Discovery Mode

The page can be found in the artist dashboard under the main menu ‘Account > Discovery Mode’.

For user accounts where there is at least 1 eligibile track for Spotify discovery mode, users now have access to view their eligibile tracks and request opt-ins on a monthly basis.

The page contains a table of eligible tracks from the user’s catalogue and their current opt-in status. To request an opt-in for next month, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page. If a user does not have any eligible tracks they will NOT see this new menu option.

IMPORTANT: If a track is already opted-in, there is no need to resubmit a new request for future months. Tracks will remain in discovery mode until they are OPTED-OUT via submitting a new form request.

The deadlines for submissions fluctuate from month-to-month but as a general rule please have all requests submitted before the 15-17th each month in order to start the following month. These deadlines are set by Spotify each month when we receive the new eligibility report.

Please contact support if you have any follow up questions. 


Secure Funding For Your Next Project.

DISTROadvance is a specialist royalties prepayment program from DistroBuddy – a forward-thinking, independently owned digital distribution and artist services company. Our data-driven algorithms will analyse your current streaming to check if you are eligible for advance funding.

To maintain better control and have full Monetization over your intellectual property on YouTube, artists may apply for YouTube Content ID at no extra cost by contacting our Support Team after distributing at least 3 releases under their account.