7 Best Strategies to Market Music in a Digital World

by | Oct 20, 2022 | Music Marketing

Music marketing is not just about pushing your music to the masses. It’s the act and practice of producing, disseminating, distributing, and trading music offers with value for clients, partners, and fans.

The marketing industry is evolving. What worked in 2018 may not have worked in 2019, and it’s unlikely that it will work in 2023 or later.

You need to think about how you’re going to promote your music in order to reach the correct audiences, create momentum, and achieve steady development.

Here are some tactics for marketing music;

#1. Create the Foundation for Your Brand

Who you are as an artist and what you stand for are the cornerstones of developing a successful brand in the music industry.

Being marketable, distinctive, and relatable are basically the three main goals of branding. Our human minds have a tendency to over-complicate the process when considering graphic designs and color schemes to create a commercial project.

You should also consider your audience and who would connect with you.

#2. Create a Website

It is essential to have a website if you plan to sell yourself online. It is a one-stop shop for all things pertaining to your act. If I want to check out your tour dates, book you for a show, find out more about you, or buy any of your products, my first stop will be your website.

You may have whatever you have for sale, including merchandise, tickets, music, and tour schedule on your own website and have total control over it.

#3. Use Social Media

Social media is, unsurprisingly, the most commonly mentioned tactic.

An upcoming act might benefit greatly from having a sizable and expanding social media following on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Nowadays, it’s not unusual for musicians to create a lot of social buzz before getting any mainstream attention.

Create a community around your work by engaging with fans on social media, promoting your music, announcing new tour dates, and generally speaking. -Where are you, what are you doing, and what is inspiring you right now?

#4. Post Consistently

The goal of marketing music is to generate exponential growth by gaining momentum over time.

How can you gain any observable momentum or develop a loyal following if you only post once a week or month?

There are always exceptions, but in general, it is preferable to release at least one post everyday as opposed to ten posts all at once every ten days.

#5. Create Engaging Content

It’s important to be creative and create content that your audience finds engaging. The more appealing your content, the more favorably the audience will think of your brand and purchase your music.

Play the social game ethically, thoroughly, and creatively. The average content is insufficient. You require top-notch material.

Your responsibility as a musician and artist is to amuse your audience. Give people a reason to interact with your material, follow you, and return to your page time and time again.

#6. Interact with your fans

Establishing a relationship with your audience is also crucial.

You can accomplish this by creating a mailing list, responding to comments on social media, holding contests, and other methods. Anything that makes sense to you and encourages fans to feel involved in you and your music,

#7. Produce Merchandise to Promote Your Music

Creating and marketing your products should unquestionably be a part of your music marketing plan. To pubs and concerts, people adore wearing band hoodies and t-shirts.

If someone sees a hoodie they like, they might inquire about the artist, check them up online, or locate them on Spotify. This is like having a lot of moving billboards.


Clearly, this piece has a lot of strategies for marketing music. It will take a lot of time to implement each of these tactics but most definitely worth it.

Please feel free to share what music marketing strategies you use and which one best works for you in the comments section.