7 Steps on How to Start a Production Company

by | Mar 14, 2023 | Artist Resources, Music Production

Starting a production company can be exciting, rewarding, and at the same time overwhelming.

There are numerous business attributes that appear ordinary and perplexing to the average about the creative launching of a production company.


laying a proper foundation is critical for any new production company to succeed and grow. In this article, we will go over seven steps for starting a production company in the modern era.

Here are the 7 Steps to Start a Production Company

#1. Research the market

When initiating a production company, getting going quickly and shooting every aspect possible may sound like a great idea.

However, before you take a single shot, you should conduct market research. Investigate the market in your particular region and figure out how to place your company to meet the market’s needs.

Approaching and learning from others may also be part of the research process.

#2. Make a Business Plan

Starting a production company, like any other business, requires careful planning.

For example, the startup and ongoing costs, identifying your target audience, naming your company, opting for secure funding, and so on. You should calculate the cost of providing office cubicles for your workers and team to work efficiently.

Additionally, the plan should cover marketing materials, insurance, and licensing to provide you with a complete picture. You won’t be able to move forward unless you have a solid plan.

#3. Determine your specialty

You may discover that a specific niche captivates your interest the most. The type of content with which your company will deal in. Decide on the specific genre you want to deal with.

#4. Create a Legal Entity

Before filing any documents, you must pick a business structure for your production company.

For example, a sole proprietorship is the simplest legal entity to establish; however, if any lawsuits are filed against the company, you will be held liable as an owner.

Choosing a Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a safe bet because it allows for greater adaptability in company tax and legal responsibility. You can do this by hiring an attorney to provide legal advice all through the process so you understand where to go next.

#5. Secure Funding and Commercial Insurance

Secure funding is critical for your company’s growth. You will require funds to begin your project. To ensure that your company does not run out of money before it begins to grow, you can apply for secured business loans or pitch your project proposal to an investor.

In addition, your business requires insurance and since your company will be hiring employees for various operations, you will also need Workers’ Compensation Insurance. It will enable your production firm to function legally and safely.

#6. Putting Together the Right Team

To make your projects a reality, you need a dedicated team that can see your ambition and works hard to make it a reality.

You will need executive heads to operate on your projects with your executive team. A production manager in charge of financial planning and production processes. A post-production supervisor to oversee the editing process. And a distribution head who will oversee advertising and ways to market your produced content.

#7. Online Visibility

To create interest in your company, you should have your own website.

Furthermore, maintaining an online presence on social media platforms will help you be recognized and followed. To attract an audience, you can use social media as a marketing platform for your projects.

Hire someone to manage your social media pages and create engaging content to better engage with your audience.


Hope this post helps in your journey of starting a music production company. Please share with someone who you think might get value out of it. If there are other points you can add, please post in the comments section below.