Things an Artist Should Avoid doing on Social Media

by | Oct 1, 2022 | Artist Resources

5 Things an Artist Should Avoid doing on Social Media

We are all aware of the explosive growth potential of social media for an artist’s brand. Multiple artists have been able to create massive empires on social media, not just for their music careers but also to land promotional jobs as brand ambassadors and influencer marketers.

So when you’re building your social media following, it is important to keep in the back of your mind the additional opportunities that can come with loyal followership.

With that said,

If you’re not careful, the exact opposite could happen. Sending inappropriate messages or making highly sensitive posts can burn it all down.

In this post, you’ll learn things an artist should avoid doing on social media.

Here are 5 Things you Should Avoid doing on Social Media as an Artist

#1. Never Spam People

Never DM random people on social media with generic messages. We often get messages from artists, especially upcoming artists in the name of promoting their music.

Messages like “Hi, check out my new hit” then a link to their music. This is a terrible idea. First, most of the people you DM with will never go to your link.

On the other side, this doesn’t mean that you should not DM random people. The smart way to do this is to start a conversation first. Introduce yourself and introduce your music. With respect, request them to listen to or watch your music.

This way, there is a higher possibility for them to take the time to check out your content.

#2. Don’t Buy Followers

Buying followers may look like a smart thing to do but there is no sense in having 20k followers and yet when you make a post, you get 10 likes. This hurts your reputation, and people will question your authenticity.

#3. Avoid politics (Unless you plan to build a political career)

If your music is not political and you have plans for a political career, it is best to avoid taking political sides on your social media platforms. There are artists who’ve built a great following just to lose them because of a political disagreement.

#4. Don’t unfollow

Many people still hold the belief that a social media account that has a huge following and follows just a handful of accounts gets more attention. Those times are long gone.

When you unfollow, you not only look selfish but also unprofessional. Additionally, you may provoke a loyal fan to unfollow you because they might take it personally.

If it makes you feel better, you should know that companies that are looking for influencer marketing pay more attention to engagement and not the number of followers.

#5. Avoid making posts when emotional

Make it a rule to never make a post when you’re dealing with any emotional issues. Many people always take to social media to let out whatever is upsetting them but in most cases, they have no brand to protect. So don’t let their posts mislead you.

This will help you avoid a lot of regrets.



We hope this post helps you avoid the things artists should never do on social media. Do the right things to protect your brand as you grow your music empire. If there are others we missed, please post them in the comments below.