Selling Branded Artist Merchandise

by | Oct 15, 2022 | Artist Resources, Branding, Making Money, Music Marketing

How to Make Money By Selling Branded Artist Merchandise

For many, selling branded artist merchandise has proven to be a successful business. Any item we buy or sell is considered merchandise. A company’s logo or other brand symbols are imprinted on branded items.

You can make money as an artist by selling goods. Examples of items one can sell include, custom hats, caps, T-shirts, hoodies, shoes, and coffee mugs, among others.

To print attractive, creative, and inspirational artwork or messages on items and sell them for a profit is all you have to do to make it. 

However, before you start this business, we advise that you thoroughly understand all of its key components.

Here is how you can make money by selling branded artist merchandise;

1 – Create a Brand Identity

Make sure your artist project has a strong brand identification and its own distinctive method of identifying with followers before you start developing or selling your merchandise.

When coming up with merchandise ideas based on your brand identity, consider:

a.     What message are you trying to convey with your merchandise?

b.     What do you hope people will learn from it?

c.      What do you want the wearer to feel like?

2 – Excellent content

T-shirts and hoodies don’t have to be the only items available as merchandise. It’s crucial to keep in mind how flexible, creative, and strategic your approach to merchandise may be.

There are numerous businesses that assist artists in creating, printing, and shipping products; these businesses only create what your followers order. You don’t have to be concerned about your merchandise going to waste because you only pay what has been ordered.

Find strategies to gain the trust of your audience and demonstrate that you aren’t simply in it for the money by supporting related causes through the sale of your merchandise. Create a richer brand experience to ensure durability.

Take quality standards into consideration when purchasing the proper products. High-quality goods that people can proudly use for a long time are frequently purchased by consumers. Superior clothing has far more sales potential than common items. 

Always print your artwork on high-quality products if you’re an artist or designer.

3 – Understand your audience well

This takes us to the most crucial element of this enterprise. You should get to know your target market well. Make some market research before launching a branded goods business.

Consider your target audience’s gender, geography, and interests when you create products to ensure that they will find value in them. Focus your efforts, time, and resources on attracting the clients who are most likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

You should as well consider; who follows you, who interacts the most with you, who attends your shows, and what their age is.

4 – Learn more about your competitors

The truth is that you have many intelligent competitors who offer you the chance to effectively produce your own merchandise in order to earn money.

Your target market makes purchases from your competitors, many of whom are devoted clients. You must attract those clients to your physical store or online store in order to make money selling goods. To start, be aware of the tactics your competitors use.

Keep in mind that knowing more about your competitors will help you eventually develop a unique strategy to draw in clients. So, you might rethink your goods designs, prices, and other techniques to lure the audience to your business.

Also, learn about their trade secrets. To gain some insight into their corporate world, read their blogs, visit their websites, and gather information from various sources, including their social media profiles.

5 – Open a store

You are now prepared to start your business after doing your research to understand your target market and competitors. The location and method of selling your goods are very important to consider.

There are a number of ideas to consider. You could decide to open a brick-and-mortar shop, sell products at your performances, or sell through your website, and on your Spotify.

Opening a physical location is a pricey choice for people who typically have a limited budget. Consequently, an online business with a solid platform is a fantastic choice in many respects.

To have full control of your business, selling through your website is always the best option. On the flip side, online marketplaces can also help you get started fast since you don’t have to start from scratch. 

The leading creative marketplace Designhill’s PrintShop, a print-on-demand platform, allows you to launch your online store. Your online store benefits in a variety of ways from using this platform. For instance, PrintShop will automatically receive all of Designhill’s high volume of traffic and customer base, which will then be directed to your online store as well.

Only when you request it or after an order is placed will PrintShop print your artwork on items. The order will be delivered to your customer’s door by the website. You won’t have to pay any upfront fees as a result.

The best way is to Link your store to your social media and Spotify profile. Share the link to any posts you’ve written about branded goods on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

By doing this, you can eventually convince your potential clients to visit your online store and make a purchase. Entice them with appealing product discounts.

Lastly, Selling Branded Artist Merchandise can generate a respectable income through the sale of goods. However, how you proceed and the marketing strategies you use to advertise your store will determine your level of success.