How Artists Can Effectively Use Twitter

by | Oct 7, 2022 | Artist Resources, Music Marketing

How Artists Can Effectively Use Twitter

As an artist, you most likely at some point will need to promote your music on Twitter.

Twitter is peculiarly a great platform for musicians considering a ton of trending topics on Twitter are connected to music. Learning how to promote your music and yourself on Twitter is an awesome way to connect with your fans.

It’s barely surprising why many songs and artists have advanced over the years on Twitter. Using the proper approach and strategy will enable you to gain the most out of promoting your music on Twitter.

Twitter is a place where artists can flaunt their voice, music, and their identities – all at the same time.

Twitter should definitely be a big sector of every artist’s social media marketing approach.

So, here are 5 ways to effectively use Twitter as an artist

#1. Make tweets concise.

Whatever you’re writing, make sure it’s clear and accurate. Write in a few compact words. Say everything needed using no unnecessary words.

With this, it’s easier for your fans to understand hence preventing boredom which would otherwise turn them away.

Be creative, you could share astonishing news about your musical life, or ask questions and relate to present conversations. Or, you could take your fans on a behind-the-scenes tour or recording project.

#2. Tweet often

Be an active Twitter user. Apart from posting content consistently, being active on Twitter also means engaging more with your followers through liking, replying, and retweeting content.

Do not overdo it. Your fans will run away the moment they realize you’re piling up so much content. You wouldn’t want your fans to see you as contentious by tormenting their news feed with several tweets.

Being active does not mean investing all your time on Twitter and failing to do other things. Your focus shouldn’t shift from the main goals of; recording music, booking, and performing on music shows.

#3. Engage your fans by replying to their questions and comments.

Make time out of your busy schedule to engage with your fans. This always results in more likes, comments, and retweets.

Nevertheless, this makes the fans feel appreciated and important. Making you cherished and loved.

#4. Use applicable hashtags in posts to show up in front of users who are not your followers

Adding a “#” to the start of an uninterrupted word or phrase creates a hashtag (You probably already know that). When a hashtag is used in a tweet, it links to all other tweets that include it.

Using hashtags helps your brand to relate to what’s happening on Twitter. A hashtag also enables people to follow topics they are interested in easily.

Hashtags are a valuable way of combining and assigning tweets. 

#5. Tweet about relevant trending topics.

Your tweets should be interesting enough to catch the attention of your fans.

When you have some awe-inspiring new announcements, telling them first to your Twitter followers will make them feel special.


Twitter is one of the best platforms to elevate your music business. When you’re growing your following on Twitter, your target should be creating content that people love sharing.

We’d love to hear how you use Twitter to promote your music in the comments below.