Benefits of Making Lyric Videos for Your Music

by | Sep 25, 2022 | Artist Resources, Music Marketing

4 Benefits of Making Lyric Videos for Your Music

There is no doubt music videos are essential for the growth of any music business or career. But two questions keep popping up in artist forums.

#1. Can I make lyric videos instead of music videos?

#2. Should I make lyric videos, and why?

To answer the first question, having a music lyric video should not stop you from making music videos. A music video promotes you as the artist, but the lyric videos promote the music itself. So having one is basically doing half the job.

Now, should you make lyric videos? Yes! And below are the reasons.

Here are the Benefits of Producing Lyric Videos for Your Music

#1. The cheapest and fastest way to put your music on YouTube and other video platforms

To make a music video, you need to plan, write the script, shoot, download raw footage, edit, and so forth. Besides that, you can’t do it on your own – you need a team to work on the project before the final product is out.

Unlike music videos that require a big budget and take a long time to create, lyric videos are low cost and require little time to put up.

#2. Builds an engaged and loyal fan base

People fall in love with your music for different reasons. For some it’s the voice, for others it’s the beats, and for some the lyrics. People understand your point of view better when they properly understand your lyrics.

Having a lyric video makes it possible for your followers to learn your lyrics and be able to sing along.

#3. Markets the song

As we mentioned earlier, a lyric video markets the song. If your song has a deep message say emotional, political, or religious, then the likelihood of gaining many views is significantly increased.

Also, fans like sharing lyric videos, especially cropping parts that include the specific message they want to send.

#4. Additional content for your social media accounts

Last but not least, lyric videos offer you another piece of content to post on your social media accounts. You can even chop your video in short forms to build anticipation for the upcoming music video release for the same music.

Now that you know the benefits of creating lyric videos for your music, how do you actually do it?

2 Ways to Create Lyric Videos

#1. Free. If you are tight on budget, the cheapest way is to do it yourself. Set aside some time to search relevant YouTube videos and learn. It might take you time to get a perfect lyric video but as they say “practice makes perfect”.

#2. Hire a video creator. If you have a budget to work with, the easiest way would be to hire a video creator to make your lyric videos. This saves not only time, but you get to have an experienced person to make more advanced lyric videos.


We hope this post was helpful for you to get you started with making lyric videos for your music.