5 Things Every Artist Must do This Year

by | Jan 13, 2023 | Artist Resources, Branding, Music Marketing

We all have things that we want to do, and usually we put them off to be done next month, or next year. –The sad part is deep inside we know that we should have done them by yesterday.

In this post, we share the 5 things you should accomplish as an artist before this year ends.

Here is the checklist for the things every artist must do

#1. Create or organize your social media accounts

In this day and era, we want to assume every artist has a social media presence. If you still don’t have, that’s the first thing to do.

Organize your socials by unifying their handles across platforms. This makes it easier for people to find your authentic accounts.

Make sure you use high quality images in your accounts. The Quality of your images speaks a ton about your quality as an artist.

It is critical to have an engaging and active social media presence in order to attract music listeners. Regularly posting new music and updates is essential for developing a relationship with fans.

Make an effort to engage in conversations with your followers. Generating unique and engaging content, such as music videos and behind-the-scenes footage, can also help to attract new fans and retain existing ones.

#2. Make an electronic press kit (EPK)

An electronic press kit (EPK) is a pre-packaged digital profile with advertising material that you can send to music business influencers.

It tells record companies, representatives, producers, venue reservers, and the media everything they need to learn about you as an artist. One’s EPK should contain an artist bibliography, pictures, video files, news articles, contact details, as well as any forthcoming gigs.

An EPK can help you get bookings too. You may need to submit numerous emails before receiving a positive reaction, but persevere.

#3. Make a website and commercialize it

Create a music website that reflects your artist brand, then direct fans from each of your social media platforms as well as streaming channels there.

Tour schedule, artist bio, a discography, a merchandize shop, links to your social channels and email list, product updates, a link to your EPK (electronic press kit), and links to where fans can listen to your new songs should all be included.

Your website will not only serve as a more lasting, expert place to establish that fan group, but it will also allow you to raise income online for your music and merchandise.

#4. Generate eye-catching visual content to promote your music

Artists are now expected to create both amazing music and excellent visuals. When combined with fascinating photos or music videos, an impactful music marketing strategy is always more effective.

Make sure you have high-quality photographs of yourself or your band. When creating visual content, operate on your narrative skills.

Begin by generating ideas for a music video that showcases who you are and what your music is about.

#5. Develop a newsletter for your followers.

Making a music newsletter for fans is a great way to promote your music.

Begin by compiling a list of email addresses from people you believe would be interested in your music. This could include family and friends, current music fans, and members of your local music scene.

Next, write an intriguing subject line for your email that will entice recipients to click.

When creating the newsletter’s content, make sure to include any upcoming shows, music releases, or other relevant news that your fans would be interested in.

Include links to your music on streaming platforms, your website, and any other places where people can download it.


The year is just starting and it is the right time to use the momentum to set yourself up for success this year. We hope this list of tasks every artist must do propels you to take action.

At DistroBuddy, the success of an artist is our pride. So if you need help knocking off the list above, feel free to contact us