Gain Fans and Earn Income with Your Music.

Enjoy global music distribution across multiple online stores, including Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram, and TikTok, while monitoring the success of your music, earning royalties, and securing ownership of your music.

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Upload Your Music:

  • With our Premium Music Distribution package, you can efficiently distribute all your music on social media and many streaming platforms via an intuitive Artist Dashboard, as well as schedule quick releases at no extra cost.
  • In order to give you the most effective distribution experience possible, our informed Support Team is ready around-the-clock to respond to your questions.

Track Your Streams:

  • Stay on top of your streams!
    Our Systems gather your data in one place, helping you make informed decisions about your next release, promotion, tour schedule, and more.

Get Paid:

  • Your sales and streaming royalties are just a tap away!
    In fact, your DistroWallet is automatically credited when the streaming providers pay out your earnings. 
  • Our payment system is integrated with the latest security features so all transactions are processed securely and in timely manner.
Gain Fans and Earn Income with Your Music

Affordable, Reliable and Faster.

DistroBuddy is where passion meets business for Independent Artists, DJs, Producers, Labels, and Creatives who record music at home or in the studio. Regardless of what stage you’re at in your career, DistroBuddy can help you achieve your music and video distribution needs!

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Music Distribution



Per Year

 What’s Included:

  • Release Unlimited Music as (Singles, EPs or Full-Albums) To Major Streaming and Social Media Platforms
  • Fast Distribution Processing
  • Free Pre-Save and Pre-Order
  • Free UPC and ISRC Codes
  • Add Multiple Artists
  • Add Your Own Label
  • YouTube Monetization
  • Set TikTok Preview Start Time
  • Album and Track Level Language Support
  • Select All/Deselect Option For Territorial Rights (On a per continent level)
  • Additional Credits (We have support for many artist roles including instrumentation (e.g. Guitar, Piano), Remixer, Engineer, Mastering, etc)
  • SmartLink After Your Release Goes Live
  • Automatic Split Payments for Collaborators
  • You Keep 100% Of The Copyright and 90% Royalties
  • Direct Payment To Your Bank, PayPal or Payoneer Account
  • Insights and Analytics
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support
  • Free Delivery To New Stores
  • Spotify Discovery Access Tool

Frequently Asked Questions.

How long will my music take to appear in streaming stores?

Most of the time your music will be available on streaming platforms within 24 – 72 hours after submitting your release. You can, however, schedule a release date in the future. This will allow you time to promote it and get your fans excited!

What are the artwork requirements for a song/album release?
  • Clear in resolution (not blurry) – preferably 300 dpi
  • 3000 x 3000 pixels in size, perfectly square
  • If you wish to include text on the artwork it can include; the name of the release, AND/OR the name of the artist. The text MUST match the release title.
  • Artwork must not contain website addresses or social media links.
  • File size must be no larger than 10Mb.
When and how long does it take to receive royalties in my DistroWallet?

Royalties are paid out monthly between the 8th and 10th but there’s an initial 3 month lag from the month the song, EP or album was released as is with all online music distributors .

What is the minimum balance required to make a withdraw and how do i receive my royalties?
  • You can easily access your royalties through your artist dashboard and request a transfer to your Bank, PayPal or Payoneer Account provided your balance exceeds $10.
FAQs About DistroBuddy Music Distribution Service.


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To maintain better control and have full monetization over your intellectual property on YouTube, artists may apply for YouTube Content ID at no extra cost by contacting our Support Team after distributing at least 3 releases under their account.